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Wedding ceremonies are uplifting events full of optimism and love, but the unfortunate fact is that a large number of the resulting unions will ultimately end in divorce. Such outcomes are inevitably sad, emotionally charged events which can place entire families at risk of suffering lasting damage.

When a couple makes the painful determination that they must go their separate ways, it is extremely important that each spouse take measures to protect their financial interests along with the well-being of their minor children. Divorce proceedings in Connecticut can run the gamut from being amicable and collaborative, to those which are bitter and full of punitive intent.

The key to ensuring that a marriage is formally ended in a truly equitable fashion is to secure the knowledgeable assistance of a Milford divorce lawyer who provides personalized, caring, client service.

Connecticut Divorce Basics

As provided by Connecticut General Statutes. Section 46b-51, divorce proceedings within the state are “no-fault” in nature, meaning that spouses have no obligation to establish actual grounds in order to secure a divorce. All that is required is a declaration that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, though it is true that allegations of fault on the part of one of the spouses may play a role in subsequent allocations of marital assets or alimony awards.

It should be noted, though, that generally speaking, courts in Connecticut are focused on reaching divorce agreements which are as fair as possible and are responsive to the needs of those involved, particularly minor children.

A Milford divorce attorney will be able to guide clients through the essential steps involved in filing for divorce pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 46b-45. He or she will also ensure that all parties comply with prohibitions of withdrawing large sums from marital accounts, mortgaging marital property, incurring significant financial obligations, relocating minor children, or preventing entry to the marital home, all of which attach upon issuance of the divorce complaint.

Seasoned legal counsel will also be able to provide crucial help during the fact-finding stage of a contested case in which there is suspicion of hidden assets or other attempts to prevent an equitable division of property.

Key Considerations for Divorcing Couples

For some couples, the process of obtaining a divorce in Connecticut can be relatively simple and straightforward. This is often true for those who have no children, do not own their place of residence, do not have traditional pension plans, and who have minimal or no other financial assets.

However, for a large number of divorcing couples, the process is far more complicated and calls for the insights and advice of a family law practitioner. Some categories of concern with which a divorce attorney can prove invaluable in bringing to resolution include:

• division of marital property, including the home, securities, retirement savings, personal injury settlements and awards, social security benefits, and more
• spousal support determinations and subsequent modifications
• custody of minor children
• child support determinations and subsequent modifications
• post-majority obligations and college tuition responsibility
• tax disputes and allocations following property division
• enforcement of divorce-related orders

Even in cases where the parties have remained on relatively friendly terms, the sheer number of issues that are almost certain to arise in a divorce matter makes finding the right family law attorney a necessity.

Safeguarding Vital Interests

Divorce is never a pleasant experience, and though it may be tempting to take the path of least resistance in terms of getting things over with as swiftly as possible, such a decision can prove devastating. Hasty or ill-advised asset divisions, child custody agreements, or support arrangements can lead to lasting emotional trauma and financial ruin.

Obtaining effective legal representation really is the best way for an individual to ensure that their interests are safeguarded and the best interest of those they love will be protected both now and well into the future.

Many enter into the divorce process with a belief that compromise will be easily within reach, only to find that things are much more difficult and combative than they ever imagined. An experienced attorney can aggressively assert their client’s right to an equitable outcome and pursue fairness every step of the way.

Milford Divorce Advocacy That Makes a Difference

With so much at stake, those contemplating dissolution of their marriage owe it to themselves and those they love to obtain the strongest legal advocacy available. From child custody and visitation to fair distribution of hard-earned marital assets, a Milford divorce lawyer is your staunchest ally in the quest for a mutually acceptable parting.

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