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Whether a person is facing a simple misdemeanor charge or a serious felony allegation, a strong defense can be mounted on their behalf by a Milford criminal defense lawyer as part of the fight to help keep their reputation and their freedom.

Being charged with a crime is frightening and can cause a great deal of upheaval for a person and their family. It can affect employment and job performance, reputation in the community, ability to make plans for the future, and even stress level and health, both mental and physical.

Additionally, the trial process can be lengthy and complex, and during this time it is important to have an experienced Connecticut defense attorney who can be there for the defendant every step of the way.

How a Dedicated Lawyer Can Help

One of the most crucial things a criminal defense attorney can do to help protect a person’s rights is to conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances that led to the charges they are facing.

In order to determine which defenses may apply in the case and whether the person’s rights have been protected throughout the investigative process, a criminal defense lawyer in Milford will review records and documents – whether financial, medical, employment, computer, cell phone, business or other types of record – identify any other parties who may bear responsibility for the offense, question witnesses, analyze the police investigation, request records from relevant parties, and conduct other analyses.

A lawyer can explain the judicial process to the client, as well as educating them on the severity of the charges and penalties being faced. The lawyer can examine the evidence against the client and the strength of their case, including whether they may benefit from pursuing a plea deal or proceeding through to a trial before the judge or jury. If the defendant does move forward with jury selection, their attorney will work to make sure the jury represents a jury of peers and is as impartial as possible.

A Wide Range of Criminal Defense Cases

Milford criminal defense lawyers deal with every kind of criminal case, from violent offenses to white collar crimes. Some of the most common criminal cases seen include:

Consulting with a Milford Criminal Defense Lawyer

No matter what type of criminal offense a person has been charged with, a skilled criminal defense attorney in Milford can help prepare the best defense possible, and ask to have the charges against the person reduced or dismissed. If facing criminal charges in Connecticut, contact an experienced and trustworthy Milford criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.