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Peter G. Billings

Peter Billings is a founding partner of Billings & Barrett, LLC. He focuses his practice primarily on criminal matters ranging from minor traffic infractions to the most serious cases of murder, as well as a wide range of family matters including divorce and custody cases. He also oversees the firm’s real estate and personal injury practice areas. The common thread throughout Peter’s practice is his representation of individuals and fighting for those who need someone in their corner. Whether a high-stakes criminal case, highly contested divorce, or bitter custody battle, Peter will stand with you. Peter has been responsible for obtaining the highest quality results for his clients in criminal cases as well as in divorce and custody matters. Whether it is through a plea negotiation, family court mediation, or trial, Peter’s goal is to get you results.

He believes there are several keys to obtaining the highest quality results: knowledge, experience, communication, and dedication. These core principals are the guiding factors in his day-to-day representation of his clients and the foundation upon which Billings & Barrett has grown. The saying that “knowledge is power” is certainly true in the legal field. Whether there is evidence that could be suppressed in a criminal case or the proper valuation of complex, high value, assets in a divorce, an in-depth understanding of the legal matters associated with your particular matter are absolutely essential to a successful result. Experience is closely tied to knowledge and is just as important. Interacting with opposing counsel, prosecutors, judges, clerks, and family relations staff on a daily basis allows Peter to gain insight into the thought process of these key players, anticipate potential issues (good and bad), and recognize a good result when it’s on the table. This is where communication comes into play. First, an effective lawyer must be able to speak persuasively with the opposing counsel, prosecutor or judge. Second, it’s important that a lawyer is able to explain, in a way that you can understand, your options and the benefits and drawbacks connected to each option. Without this ability to communicate a lawyer simply will not be effective in obtaining the highest quality outcomes. Now, this brings us to dedication. Dedication is the piece that weaves this all together. Dedication is seen in the form of reading the most recent case law developments, attending seminars on cutting edge legal topics, scheduling evening and weekend meetings with clients, and literally putting life on hold when our client’s liberty is at stake at trial. These are the bedrock principals that Peter uses in his practice of law, the reason he is highly respected by his colleagues, and the approach that leads to the highest quality results.

Peter is a lifelong resident of Connecticut, originally from West Hartford, and now resides in New Haven. He received his B.A. in English and Political Science from the University of Connecticut. He received his J.D. from Quinnipiac University School of Law where he graduated cum laude, with honors in his criminal law and advocacy concentration, and was the Editor-In-Chief of the Quinnipiac Probate Journal. After graduating from law school Peter worked as a Public Defender in New Haven Superior Court where he represented hundreds of clients facing misdemeanor and felony cases with allegations ranging from minor public disturbances to violent assaults to felony drug charges. He has also worked at several well-respected law firms handling a wide range of matters including criminal cases, divorce and custody matters, car accidents, slip and fall injuries, and wrongful death cases.

He is active in the community and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Creative Arts Workshop, which is a community art school in the heart of New Haven. While away from work, he enjoys the many fine restaurants in and around New Haven, traveling, playing golf, relaxing on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, and spending time with his wife, two cats, and dog.