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Handling Your Case with a New Haven Criminal Lawyer

The first thing that anyone who is facing a criminal arrest should do is contact a lawyer, and in particular, you should contact a lawyer who focuses on criminal defense work in the New Haven area. By having an attorney with experience in cases like yours, you have the ability to form a strong defense and have the advise of a person who understand the rights and options you have in your case. It is very important that you assess your rights and options before taking any action, because if you do not, then you do not know what is going to be helpful or detrimental to the case.

With an experienced New Haven criminal lawyer on your side to help you build a robust defense for your case, you have the opportunity to fight for your rights and your freedom, and to minimize the consequences of your case as much as possible.

Working with an Attorney

In New Haven, it is very important to work with your lawyer to develop a defense, and most lawyers should provide initial free consultations. What a person should do is talk to the lawyer about the case, talk to the lawyer about their experience, talk to the lawyer about the fees, and get a sense of how the case might move forward.

Ultimately, whomever that person hires, it needs to be a lawyer that they feel comfortable representing them. Hiring a lawyer who that person feels comfortable with is absolutely key in any criminal prosecution. By feeling comfortable with your lawyer, you can feel assured at the end of the day that your lawyer is going to work with your best interest in mind. In addition, you need to be working with someone who you feel comfortable talking to about your case, so that your attorney can have as many details about the case as possible.

Once you have hired a lawyer who you feel comfortable with, the next thing you need to do is to work with that attorney to develop a defense. Typically, the way the attorney establishes a defense is threefold. They look at if there are any factual issues, they do an investigation, they figure out what the allegations are, and they determine if the state is able to prove its case.

Building a Defense

The next step is to work on legal defenses. Are there legal mechanisms that your attorney can use that challenge the admissibility of evidence or suppress certain pieces of evidence from coming in at a trial? Is there a legal mechanism that can be used to address the case?

The final aspect of a defense that an attorney will work on with the defendant is social defense. They will work to address some of the underlying issues that have caused the allegations to come about. For example, attorneys very often recommend that defendants get into alcohol treatment, anger management classes, or family counseling. 

It is the information that attorneys can say shows that the defendant is taking their case seriously, and that it will not happen again. These things added together help an attorney minimize the possible penalties a person may face.